Constructing a utopian sisterhood through clothing, the driving force behind Holly Jayne Smith’s practice is her lived experiences during her coming of age. The journey from girlhood to womanhood, plus the negative impact of commercial industry and social media on identity, has shaped the way she views femininity.


Emotion is the new luxury, and the core values of Holly’s Sisterhood are Optimism, Joy, and the promotion Self-worth. These values are physicalised through emotionally rich textiles and alluring colour pallets. 


Colliding the past, present and future of awe-inspiring women into Sport // Fashion hybrids, Holly engages with a multitude of female voices to realise the landscape in which her femininity sits. 

Awards and Presentations


September 17 // Leathersellers Trust Award


June 17 // Draw Fashion Finalist


Febuary 16 //  Bright New Things // Selfridges Birmingham

Febuary 15 // International Fashion Showcase // British Council


September 2014 // Graduate Showcase at Fashion Scout during London Fashion Week.


July 2014 // Emma Jesse Phipps Trust Award // Birmingham City University 


July 2014 // International Residency Scholarship Award // British Council


June 2014 // Showcased in Graduate Fashion Week Best of Show and Gala Catwalk events